A full service instrument shop specializing in sales and service of marine compasses. Suppliers of genuine replacement parts for Danforth, Aquameter, Ritchie, Kelvin White, Dirigo and Star compasses

5" Constellation Parts 1947-Present
5" Constellation with Brass Binnacle
5" Danforth / White Constellation Aries Compass
5" Danforth / White Constellation Express Compass
5" Danforth Constellation
5" Danforth Express Compass Repair
5" Danforth Low Level Lights
5" Dial Choices
5" Dirigo Autopilot compass W/Bracket
5" Dirigo Autopilot Compass with Binnacle
5" Dirigo in a Custom Mahogany Box
5" Early Ritchie Compass
5" Globemaster 1951-1965 parts
5" Light Shield (without LED's)
5" Low Level Light Assembly w/LED
5" Old Style Oring
5" Old Style Wilfrid O. White, Kelvin-White, Danforth Constellation Parts 1947-1980
5" Ritchie B-453 Shock Mounted Steel Boat Compass
5" Ritchie C-453 Shock-Mounted Compass
5" Ritchie D-5 Compass
5" Ritchie D-515 - Traditional Globemaster (Binnacle Mount)
5" Ritchie FB-500 Flush Mount Globemaster Compass
5" Ritchie FD-500 Globemaster Compass
5" Ritchie Globemaster Compass Repair
5" Ritchie Globemaster Repair
5" Ritchie SP-5
5" Ritchie SS-5000 Compass
5" Ritchie Super Yacht SY-500
5" Ritchie YB-500 Steel Boat Compass
5" Steel Boat Constellation
5" Wilfrid O White / Kelvin White Constellation Compass Repair

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