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Click to enlarge4" Danforth Constellation (1978-1998) Repair

The 4" Danforth Constellation was manufactured from the late 1970's until the late 1990's. It was available in a flush mount, bulkhead mount, bracket mount and a binnacle mount known as the 4" Express. Most of the more commonly needed parts are still available for this compass. You can purchase parts from Viking Instruments online or you can send your 4" Constellation in to us for a complete restoration, backed by our exclusive 2 Year Warranty.

In January 2010 Viking Instruments purchased the entire inventory of Danforth compass parts as well as the tooling necessary to continue manufacturing replacement compass parts from Rule Industries. Viking Instruments is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributer of replacement Danforth compass parts

The standard overhaul on the 4" Constellation is $199.00, which includes complete disassembly, cleaning, powder coating the top ring, replacement clear dome, gaskets, diaphram, oil and a two year warranty. Replacement parts to the gimbals, lighting and return shipping are extra. Turn around time is typically two weeks from the time that we receive your approval to proceed. Be sure to include a daytime telephone number in the box with the compass so we can contact you as soon as your compass arrives.


Danforth 4" Constellation PartsDanforth 4" Constellation Parts