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Click to enlargeDanforth 4" Constellation Parts


1-Dial AssemblyAvailable by special order only

2 Pivot w/ Retainer A A10295$85.00
3- 4" compass card, 5 degree A12686
4- Jewel A12782$120.00
5- Magnet and "Frog" A12685
6- Retainer B A9515
7 Brass Washer A9520
Click to enlarge8-Forward bent yellow lubbers line
Lubbers Line, straight white A12316$1.25
11-Lubbers Line Pan w/lubbers lines A12621$45.00
12- Gimbal Ring w/ Trunnions A12615$45.00
13- Hex Nut A9521$0.95
Click to enlargeTie down Screw4-40 X 1-7/16" flat head

15 Top Ring A14366Style: 
16- Light Shield Screw A12907
17- 4" Light assembly w/light (Old Style)The 4" old style light housing is no longer available, If you need to replace the light housing a new style light housing is available, however it will require some modification to retrofit to the old style bracket.

17-Old Style Light Housing w/o LightNo longer available, replace with the new style housing, which will require modification to retrofit.

17- LED Light AssemblyWire with two LEDS, does not include light housing

18- light Housing Screw A691$0.45
19-Light Bracket A12566$25.00
Click to enlarge20- 4" New Style DomeThe new style 4" dome was introduced in the mid 1980's, the new style dome has a flange at the bottom , with a groove on the underside to accomodate the oring. The outside diameter of the flange is 4-5/8".

21-New Style Oring A14346$14.00
22- New Style Card Assembly A14489
23-Gimbal pan and Ring Assembly A14491
24- Adapter weight A14443
25-Inner BowlChoose from two styles, the earlier style to be used with the old style dome or the new style bowl to be used with the new style new style dome and oring.

26-Star Washer A14520
27-Hex Nut 27-160-4
28- Filler Plug Screw A13213A
Click to enlargeFiller Plug gasketThis filler plug gasket is used on 6 of the Constellation compasses. 4"(Key#29), 5" old style(Key#27), 5" New Style(Key#30), 6"(Key#27), 7"(Key#27), and the 8" Constellation

30- Expansion DiaphramThis item is currently unavailable, replace with Key number 30A.

30A Expansion DiaphramThis expansion diaphram measures 3-9/16" in diameter, it is a 2 piece system that replaces the one piece diaphram

31- Outer Bowl A12616
32-33 Corrector Assemblies A14505
34- Corrector Can A12757
35 Corrector Can Screw A9807
37- Old Style Oring CS-09D1G1D$14.00
Click to enlarge38- 4" Old Style DomeThis is the original 4" Constellation dome, it was used in 4" Constellations until it was modified in the mid 1980'S. The oring goes around the outside of the dome and is compressed by the top bezel ring. The dome measures 4-3/8" in diameter.