A full service instrument shop specializing in sales and service of marine compasses. Suppliers of genuine replacement parts for Danforth, Aquameter, Ritchie, Kelvin White, Dirigo and Star compasses

3" Ritchie B-80 Voyager
3" Ritchie F-82 Voyager Compass
3" Ritchie F-82DR Voyager Compass
3" Ritchie Voyager B-81
3" Ritchie Voyager F-83
3" Ritchie Voyager S-87
3" Star Compass
3" Star Compass
3" Star Compasses
3" Wilcox Crittenden Dory Compass
3-1/2" Danforth Corsair Compass Repair 1947-1985
3-3/4" Corsair IV Compasses
3-3/4" Danforth Corsair lV Bracket Mount Flat Card
3-3/4" Ritchie HB-740
3-3/4" Ritchie HB-741
3-3/4" Ritchie HF-742 Helmsman Compass
3-3/4" Ritchie HF-743 Direct Read Flush Mount Helmsman
3-3/4" Ritchie Supersport 1002 Compass
3-3/4" Ritchie SuperSport SS-PR2
3-3/4" Saturn Binnacle Mount
3-3/4" Saturn Bulkhead compass
3-3/4" Saturn Compasses
3-3/4" Saturn Flush Mount
3-3/4" SR-2 Venture Bulkhead Mount Compass

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