A full service instrument shop specializing in sales and service of marine compasses. Suppliers of genuine replacement parts for Danforth, Aquameter, Ritchie, Kelvin White, Dirigo and Star compasses

3" Ritchie
3" Ritchie B-80 Voyager
3" Ritchie F-82 Voyager Compass
3" Ritchie F-82DR Voyager Compass
3" Ritchie Voyager B-81
3" Ritchie Voyager F-83
3" Ritchie Voyager S-87
3" Star Compass
3" Star Compass
3" Star Compasses
3" Wilcox Crittenden Dory Compass
3-1/2" Danforth Corsair Compass Repair 1947-1985
3-3/4" Corsair IV Compasses
3-3/4" Danforth Corsair lV Bracket Mount Flat Card
3-3/4" Ritchie HB-740
3-3/4" Ritchie HB-741
3-3/4" Ritchie HF-742 Helmsman Compass
3-3/4" Ritchie HF-743 Direct Read Flush Mount Helmsman
3-3/4" Ritchie Supersport 1002 Compass
3-3/4" Ritchie SuperSport SS-PR2
3-3/4" Saturn Binnacle Mount
3-3/4" Saturn Bulkhead compass
3-3/4" Saturn Compasses
3-3/4" Saturn Flush Mount
3-3/4" SR-2 Venture Bulkhead Mount Compass

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