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3-3/4" SR-2 Venture  Bulkhead Mount Compass

The perfect compass for angled or vertical bulkheads. This unique design uses an new internal gimballing system that allows the compass to be mounted at any angle up to 45 degrees from vertical!


Supplied standard with front and back covers. Also comes with clinometer (to be mounted beneath the compass) A compensator module is sold separately. 3-3/4" dial. Mounting Hole 4-1/2" to 4-5/8"

SR-2Regular price: $312.00Sale price: $258.00

Venture Compensator ModuleCompensator module specifically made for the Ritchie Venture. A necessary addition if the compass requires compensation due to magnetic deviation aboard your boat.

SR-CM2Regular price: $28.00Sale price: $25.00