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Danforth, Kelvin White 8" Constellation Parts

Originally designed in 1947 by Wilfrid G. White of the Kelvin White Co., the Constellation series compasses were available in 5",6",7" and 8" sizes with the Kelvin-White name on them. The Kelvin-White company became the Wilfrid O. White and Sons Co. and the Constellations were made under that name until 1961 when Danforth bought the company and used the name Danforth-White on the compasses, finally dropping the White name in the late 1960's to become Danforth compasses. Danforth added a 4" constellation to the line. In the 1980's Rule industries bought Danforth and continued using the Danforth name. Rule added a 4-1/2" Constellation to the line. Contellations are still manufactured today.

To determine which size Constellation you have, measure the diameter of the clear dome. The 8" measures 8-3/8" in diameter. The 8" Constellation takes about 1.25 gallons of oil to fill it. Click on the schematic to enlarge the diagram.


Top RingSpecial Order

Oring A12375$45.00
DomeThe 8" Dome measures 8-3/8" in diameter at the base.

Dial /Float Assembly Special Order

Dial and Pan AssemblySpecial Order

Click to enlargeFiller Plug gasketThis filler plug gasket is used on 6 of the Constellation compasses. 4"(Key#29), 5" old style(Key#27), 5" New Style(Key#30), 6"(Key#27), 7"(Key#27), and the 8" Constellation

Plug Screw A9860$18.00
Expansion Diaphram A12389
Expansion Retaining Ring A10117$240.00
Bottom CanSpecial Order

Expansion Ring Retaining Screw A5423$0.45
BowlSpecial Order

Pan AssemblySpecial Order

Wilfrid O. White, Kelvin -White, Danforth 5",  6", 7" and 8"  Old Style Channel LightWilfrid O. White, Kelvin -White, Danforth 5", 6", 7" and 8" Old Style Channel LightThe channel light was used on all of the original Constellation compasses (Kelvin-White, Wilfrid O. White, Danforth-White and Danforth).The same light was used on all of the original Constellation compasses, however each size compass had a specific "ladder". There was a 5",6",7",and 8" ladder for each size of Constellation compass made.