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Wilfrid O. White, Kelvin -White, Danforth 5",  6", 7" and 8"  Old Style Channel Light

The channel light was used on all of the original Constellation compasses (Kelvin-White, Wilfrid O. White, Danforth-White and Danforth).The same light was used on all of the original Constellation compasses, however each size compass had a specific "ladder". There was a 5",6",7",and 8" ladder for each size of Constellation compass made.


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Light Bracket, "Ladder" A9789$24.00Ladder Size: 
Channel Light Retaining Screw A9791$0.65
Light Retaining Screw ( 4-40 X 3/8" fillister hd) A9793$0.45
Channel Light Assembly (modified October 2011)Includes bulb, wire, upper hsg.,bezel and filter. Does not include bracket or screws. Upper and lower housings were modified in 2011. Older style no longer available

Channel Light Upper Housing, Old Style (1947-2011)No longer available, Must replace the upper housing and bezel ring with new style parts. Use new style upper housing # A9893V with bezel #A12949V

Channel Light Upper Housing, New Style (11/2011-Present)will not fit channel lights manufactured before Oct. 2011

Red FilterNo loger available, replace with red boot that slips over bulb Part # A10055

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Channel Light Bezel Ring, Old Style (1947-2011)Limited quantity available,

Click to enlargeChannel Light Bezel Ring (11/2011-present)Will not fit channel lights made prior to Oct. 2011