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Click to enlargeRitchie Voyager  Compass Lighting

Click on the parts diagram to enlarge the parts breakdown. Each item in the diagram is available for purchase online below. The key number in the diagram corresponds to the first number in the items part number. These parts are genuine parts made by E.S.Ritchie Navigation.


SunshadeUsed on Model #'s D-84,D-85,F-82,(F-83 made from 1981 to 2000),B-80, (B-81 made from 1981 to 2000)Available in Black or White

SunshadeUsed on model #'s S-87, (F-83 made from 2000-present), (B-81 made from 2000-presnt)

Sunshade AssemblyUsed on Model #'s D-84, D-85, (F-83 made from 1981-2000), F-82, B-80, B-81 made from 1981-2000). Includes light and wire. Available with red or green LED.

2-VY-0055ASY$32.00Color:  LED: 
Sunshade Assembly Used on model #'s S-87, (F-83 Made from 2000-present),(B-81 Made from 2000-present) Available with Green LED only.

Screw, Sunshade Retaining 3-SH-0067$0.65
Washer, Sunshade Retaining 4-SH-0083$0.36
Light,Clip and Scews 5-SH-0202KIT$24.00Color: 
LED Light Assembly 6-SH-0202KIT$24.00Color: 
LED(solid state) & wire, green 11SH-0195ASY$18.00
Retainer, LED 7VY_0051OLD$2.00