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Ritchie Navigator FN-201, FN-203 SS-2000  Parts (Flush Mount)


(1984-Present) Navigator Repair KitAll the parts needed to repair a leaking Navigator (1984-Present) compass. A Dome (NV-0022), Oring (NV-0054), Diaphram (NV-0021), filler gasket (RSH-0039), A Quart of compass oil (SH-0155)

NV-RepairkitRegular price: $100.30Sale price: $96.00
Click to enlarge1-Navigator DomeMeasures 4-1/8" where it meets the bezel. Measures 4-1/2" at the base of the dome.

Click to enlarge2-Navigator Oring
Click to enlarge3-Navigator DiaphramMeasures 3-1/8" in diameter

Click to enlargeFiller Plug Gasket
Click to enlargeNavigator Bowl
Click to enlargeScrew
7-Balance Tab for Combi Damp Dial NV-0164$6.00
8-Balance Tab for Open Face Dial NV-0002$6.00
Balance Tab Retainer SH-0052$0.95
10-Gasket for LED NV-0138$2.00
11-Filler Plug Screw, Navigator NV-0086$0.89
Click to enlargeBezel Screw
13-Compensator Rod, Flush Mount NV-0214MAG$13.50
Click to enlarge Diaphram Retainer
Click to enlargeDiaphram Retaining Screw
Click to enlarge20- Sunshade Screw
NV-0064$2.50Screw Type: 
Click to enlarge22- Sunshade Washer
24-Light Clip, Left (1999 to Present) NV-0135LFT$2.10
Light Clip, Left (2001(rev 1) to Present) NV-0185LFT$2.10
25- Navigator Flat Dial NV-0094ASY$50.00Color: 
26-Light Clip,Right (1999 to 2001) NV-0135RGT$2.10
Light Clip, Right (2001(rev 1) to Present) NV-0185RGT$2.10
28-Gimbal Ring/ Pan Assembly NV-0085ASY$36.00
Click to enlarge29 Sunshade Assembly with Lighting
32-Bezel (1984-2000) NV-0004$55.00Color: 
35-Compensator Cover NV-0013$4.95
Click to enlarge36-Compensator Cover Retaining Screw4-40 X 1/4"

37-Bezel (2000-Present) NV-0166ASY$29.00Color: 
Click to enlarge38-Combidamp Dial
Click to enlarge40- NV-0128ASY Dual light assembly, Green
47- Gimbal Ring/Pan NV-0189ASY$34.00Color: 
4-1/2" Ritchie FN-201 Navigator Compass4-1/2" Ritchie FN-201 Navigator CompassFlush mount Navigator compass offers top-of-the-line performance for powerboats and sailboats under any conditions.

FN-201Regular price: $484.00Sale price: $410.00Colors: 
 Navigator Light 1984-Present Navigator Light 1984-PresentThe Navigator 2000 compass was introduced in 1984. The sunshade assembly is available in black, white and gray. The LED lighting is available in red or green and are available in 12volt or 24volt. Click on the diagram on the left to enlarge the schematic. Identify the key numbers of the parts that you need. The key numbers are the first number in the part numbers below.