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Ritchie Helmsman Repair Parts (1983-2006) HB-70, HB-71 HF-72 HF-73 SS-1000


Helmsman Repair Kit 1983-2003 Complete repair kit to repair most problem leaks in the Helmsman compasses built from 1983-2002, kit includes the clear dome (HL-0020), Oring (HL-0067), Diaphram ( SH-0250), Filler Gasket (SH-0039), Quart of oil (SH-0155)

Click to enlarge1-Helmsman DomeThe Helmsman dome measures 3-3/4" in diameter at the top of the bezel ring when the compass is assembled. The outside diameter of the dome (when it not assembled with the compass body) at the base on the outside of the flange is 4".

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Click to enlarge3-Helmsman Diaphragmmeasures 2-3/4" in diameter

Click to enlarge Filler Plug Gasket
5- Helmsman Bowl HL-0007$36.00
Click to enlargeBezel Screw
7-Light Cover, Black HL-0125$2.50
8-Bezel for Bracket Mount and Deck mount HelmsmanFits HB-70, HB-71, HD-74, HD-75

8-Bezel for Flush mount Helmsman, roundRound bezel for HF72,HF-73, SS-1000

9-Filler Plug Screw SH-0138$0.70
10- Sunshade Retaining Nut SH-0038$0.95
11-Helmsman Diaphragm Retainer HL-0073$15.00
12-Diaphragm Retainer Screw SH-0062$0.38
Balance Tab Retainer SH-0052$0.95
15-Sunshade Assembly HL-0088ASY$43.00Color: 
18-Sunshade Retaining Screw SH-0067$1.60
Hole Plug SH-0045$0.95Color: 
20- Compensator Rod, Open Face Dial HL-0080MAG$11.00
23-Helmsman Direct Read Dial HL-0140ASY$47.00
24- Helmsman Dial (Black Open Faced) HL-0120ASY$47.00
25-Helmsman Balance Tab HL-0003$3.10
27- Helmsman Dial/Pan Assembly (1996-2006) HL-0156ASY$48.00
28-Helmsman Bracket Retaining Nut HL-0066$1.95
29-Helmsman Thumbscrew Washer HL-0095$1.35
30- Helmsman Thumbscrew(HB-70,71) HL-0094ASY$7.75
31- Helmsman HB Lower Housing HL-0028$29.00
33- Helmsman HB Bracket HL-0009$45.00
34- Helmsman Gimbal Pan/Ring (Direct Read) HL-0129ASY$48.00
35-Helmsman Gimbal Pan/Ring (open faced dial) HL-0128ASY$48.00
Helmsman LightingHelmsman LightingClick on the diagram to enlarge the image. Use the parts diagram to identify the parts that you need to order. The key number in the parts diagram are the first numbers in the part numbers.