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Click to enlarge Old Style Navigator Lighting 1965-1984

The (Old Style) Navigator was manufactured from 1965 until 1984.Click on the diagram to the left to enlarge the schematic. Identify the parts that you need using the key numbers in the diagram. The key numbers are the first numbers in the order numbers below.


Low Level Light Shield Assy.Old Style lightingReplace with key # 18 which uses LEDS

Low Level Light Shield 2CS-09A4$16.00
Light Wire AssemblyPart Discontinued No Longer Available. Replace lighting with part # 19-CS-0003KIT

Lamp, Red (12V.) 4CS-04L4V1$4.50
6-Light Bulb with wire CS-20L1V1X$16.00
Sunshade (Models BN-45 and FN-44)Part Discontinued No Longer Available

Sunshade (Model DN-46 only)Part Discontinued No Longer Available

Sunshade Screws 13-9A1B1$0.40
Bayonet Lamp (12V.) Red 14-CS-09L1V1$4.95
Lamp AssemblyPart Discontinued No Longer Available

Lamp Assy. 12V.(Early Models FN-50, SNF-44 & SNB-45) 16-CS20L1X$20.00
Low Level Light Shield Assembly (12V. Red Light) 18-CS-09A4X$41.00
12 Volt Red LED's with 18" of wire, Clips and screws 19-CS-0003KIT$28.00
12 Volt Red LED's with 18" of wire 20-SH-0175ASY$24.00
LED Retainer, Left 21-GM-0042$2.10
LED Retainer, Right 22-GM-0043$2.10
Light Clip Screws 23-SH-0066$0.36
Light Shield Screw 24-CS-09A4B1$0.36