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Click to enlargeHF-742, HF-743, SS-1002

The New Style Helmsman utilizes a sealed capsule, this capsule is not serviceable or refillable, if the capsule has leaked or the dial is not functioning then you must replace the capsule. Click on the diagram to enlarge the diagram, note that the key numbers in the diagram precede the part description below


1-Sunshade Retaining Screw sh-0067$1.60
2-Bezel to dome seal hl-0218$1.95
4-Screw (4X1/4" truss head) sh-0184$0.36
5- Lower Housing hl_0217blk$12.62
Sunshade, complete with LED (2003-Present) HL-0216XBK$36.00Color: 
Helmsman LightingHelmsman LightingClick on the diagram to enlarge the image. Use the parts diagram to identify the parts that you need to order. The key number in the parts diagram are the first numbers in the part numbers.

7&9 Bezel 7-hl-0215blk$29.00COLOR: 
10-11-12 HF-742 Capsule (flat Dial) hl-0225XBO$85.00COLOR: 
13-14 Capsule with Combi Direct Read Dial hl0225xbc$85.00COLOR: 
6" Adapter Ring6" adapter ring used to retrofit existing hole for HF-72, HF-73, SS-1000

19- Compensator rodFor HF-742, SS-1002

20- Compensator RodFor HF-743 direct read compass