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Click to enlarge5" & 6" Globemaster Power Light

Click on the diagram at the left to enlarge the schematic. Determine which parts you need to order. If there is only a key number in the diagram it will be the first number in the part number below.

The Globemaster Powerlight has been used in the Globemaster series for more than 35 years, it was originally available with standard incandescent bulb lighting only. They now come standard with LED lighting. Some parts are interchangable, please be careful to order the correct replacement parts. Call our service department if you have any questions.


Powerlight Assembly (with a light bulb) Red W/O BracketNot sold as a kit with a light bulb anymore replace with LED kits below

Powerlight Assembly, housing,lens,bezel,12 volt Red LED GM-0094ASY$30.00
Powerlight Assembly, housing,lens,bezel, 24 volt Red LED GM-0095ASY$30.00
Powerlight Assemly, housing, lens,bezel, 12 volt Green LED GM-0086ASY$30.00
Powerlight Assembly, housing, lens, bezel, 24 volt Green LED GM-0092ASY$30.00
Bracket Assembly, including gasket and screws (w/o lighting)Purchase lighting separately

32V Dropping Resister KitUse with a 12 Volt LED for a 32volt system

12Volt Bulb Clear 7SH-0011$6.00
24/32 volt bulbRitchie used the same bulb for use with 24 or 32 volts

Socket and Wire Assy. 8GM-0073$14.00
Powerlight HousingFor use with bulb lighting only

Powerlight BezelFor use with either the LED version or Bulb version of lighting

Red LensFor use with bulb lighting only

Powerlight Bracket 12GM-0005$21.00
Powerlight Bracket Screw 13SH-0068$0.36
Powerlight Bracket Gasket 15GM-0012$2.00
Clear LensFor use with LED lighting only

Powerlight HousingFor use with LED lighting only

Click to enlargeLED Light with 18" of Wire, 12Volt, Red
Click to enlargeLED Light with 18" of Wire 24Volt, Red
Click to enlargeLED LIght with 18" of Wire, 12Volt, Green
Click to enlargeLED Light with 18"of Wire,24Volt, Green