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Click to enlarge5" & 6" Globemaster Low Level Light

The Low Level light was first used on the 5 and 6 inch Globemaster compasses in the early 1970's. The light housing has not changed since its introduction, however the internal lighting assembly has been updated twice. If you have an older model with an incandecent bulb we recommend that you replace it with the newest version of the the LED lighting.

Click on the diagram on the left to enlarge the schematic. The key numbers are the first numbers in the part numbers below.


5" Low Level Light Assembly w/LED 1-5G-0096ASY$52.00Options: 
6" Low Level Light Assembly w /LED 1-6G-0065ASY$62.00Options: 
5" Light Shield (without LED's) 2-5G-0096$28.00Color: 
6" Light Shield (without LED's) 2-6G-0065$35.00
Lighting Kit (12V. LED w/18" wire, clips and screws)Fits both 5 and 6 inch Globemasters

LED assembly with 18" of wire 4-GM-0087ASY$24.00Options: 
Left Light Clip 5-GM-0042$2.10
Right Light Clip 6-GM-0043$2.10
Light Screw 7-SH-0066$0.28
LED assembly with 18" of wire (Old Style) 12v. RedThis part was discontinued, Replace with Key number 4

Light Shield Retaining Screw6-32 X 5/16" Pan head Stainless Steel screw

Old Style Light HarnessPart discontinued, replace assembly with CS-002KIT

12v. Bulb, Red 11-CS-04L4V1$4.25