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Retainer, bulb A9558$3.50
Retainer Screw A9949$0.65
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Visor Retaining ScrewThere are two styles of screws available the original screw used on the first version of the Express (manufactured from the 1940's until the mid 1980's)is threaded into the compass housing,(there are no threads in the hood itself). The original screw was a custom made brass screw, that is no longer available. We make up a screw and washer assembly to replace this screw.

The new version screw(revision A)which was introduced in the 1980's threaded into the visor with a smaller diameter locating shaft at the end that goes into the compass body.

Washer,Visor A9819$2.00
Visor (w/o hardware)There are two types of visors available, there is the first version which was made until the 1980's which used retaining screws that went through the visor and threaded into the compass body. The newer version (revision A) uses screws that thread into the visor itself. Be sure to determine which visor you need before ordering.

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