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Click to enlargeC. Plath Merkur S Compass Parts


1-Top "Verge" Ring Round 33764
2-Top "Verge" Ring Square 33766
3- Oring 40473$24.00
4- Glass Dome 40401$216.00
5-Merkur Dial assembly 30771
6-Merkur Gimbal Assembly 37948
7- Gimbal Ring W/ Pins 30772
-Filler Plug Screw w/ gasketThis filler plug screw is used on both the C. Plath Merkur (Key# 8) and the Venus (Key#24), Includes a filler plug gasket

Generic Filler Plug GasketAn industry standard filler plug oring, which will work fine on the C. Plath compasses. Most of the time you can re-use the filler plug screw and use the filler oring to seal the compass

10- Merkur Bowl 30784
11-Washer 21098
12-Top Ring Screw 22866
- Expansion DiaphramThis Diaphram is used on the C. Plath Merkur and the C. Plath Venus Compasses ( key # 13 in the Merkur diagram, Key # 26 in the Venus diagram

14-Expansion Diaphram Retainer 33767
Light Housing 33-769$106.00
16-Light Bulb 12volt 41258$70.00
17- Light Bulb 24 Volt 41259$50.00
Wire, Socket and 12 Volt Bulb 33779$170.00
Generic Red LED with wire 12 voltsGeneric 12 volt Red LED that will work fine on the C. Plath compasses. Compare to C. Plath # 33779

19 Mounting Kit 33449
20- Bracket 33285
21-Mounting Kit B 33495
19,20,21-Bracket with Mounting Kits 73115