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Click to enlargeRitchie 6" Globemaster Parts(1994-Present)


6"  Compass Oil Pack6" Compass Oil PackTwo quart containers and one pint container of Ritchie Compass Oil, Enough Oil to fill the 6" Ritchie Globemaster or the 6" Danforth Constellation.

1-6" Dome 6G-0033$72.00
2-6" Oring 6G-0057$14.00
3- 6" Dial Assembly 6G-0031ASY$85.00Dial Style: 
4- Lubbers Line Pan Assembly 6G-0058ASY$29.00Pan Style: 
7- 6" Gimbal Ring 6G-0037ASY$29.00
8- Gimbal Pin Spring GM-0059$2.25
9- Gimbal Pin GM-0013$0.96
10- Balance Tab 6G-0002$3.49
Balance Tab Retainer SH-0052$0.95
12- 6" Bowl Assembly New Sttyle includes key #'s 13-16,18 &19 6G-0081ASY$450.00
13- 6" Bowl 6G-0083ASY$349.00
Globemaster Diaphram New Style 5G-0129$75.00
15- Diaphram Retaining Ring 6G-0084$120.00
16- Diaphram Retaining Screw 6G-0085$0.94
17-6" Clamping Ring 6G-0028$165.00
Click to enlargeFiller Plug Gasket
Filler Plug Screw 4CR1B1$3.00
Top Ring Screw GM-0048$0.65