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Click to enlargeRitchie 5" Globemaster 1965-1980 parts


Click to enlarge4D1 Repair KitA complete repair kit for a 5" Globemaster manufactured from 1960-1980, includes a replacement clear dome (CS-04D1), oring for the dome (CS-04D1G1), filler plug gasket (SH-0039), and enough oil to refill the compass (5G-0000)

5" Compass Oil Pack5" Compass Oil PackOne Quart and One pint of Ritchie Compass Oil. Enough Oil to fill the 5" Globemaster or the Danforth 5" Constellation

Click to enlarge1-Globemaster 5" Oring
Click to enlarge2- Globemaster 5" DomeThis dome measures 5-7/16" in diameter at the base. It has no flange, the oring is placed around the outside of the dome and compressed by the top bezel ring.

3- Dial Assembly 5" GlobemasterSpecial care should be taken when ordering dials, be sure to check if the dial that you are replacing has a Powerdamp skirt on the underside of the dial. The non-powerdamp lubbers line pan will not accept a Powerdamp dial. If you have any questions please call us at 781-585-2100.

4-Lubbers Line Pan 5G-0081ASY$27.00Style: 
5-Gimbal Ring 5" 5G-0044ASY$25.00
6-Balance Tab 5G-0002ANL$5.00
Balance Tab Retainer SH-0052$0.95
8- Bowl 5" Old Style(1965-1980)No longer available new, call for availabilty of used bowl.

Click to enlargeFiller Plug Gasket
Filler Plug Screw 4CR1B1$3.00
12- Retaining Ring (1965-1980)The cast bronze version of this is no longer available, in some cases the newer version (5G-0032) can be substituted

13-Base (SP-5, DR-5) 1965-1980 5" GlobemasterNo longer available, should be replaced with base, retaining ring kit. Call for more information.

15-Top Ring BezelThese are special order, there are several different top ring configurations. Please call 781-585-2100.

Top Ring Screw GM-0048$0.65