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Click to enlarge5" Constellation Compass Repair

The most popular of the Constellation compass series the 5" Constellation can be found on boats from 25 ' and up. Often found on commercial vessels the early version of this compass, what we call the old style Constellation has a solid brass bowl and top bezel ring. These compasses were made to last forever.

The standard overhaul on the 5" Constellation is $310.00, which includes complete disassembly, cleaning, repainting of the bowl and powder coating the top ring, replacement clear dome, gaskets, diaphram, oil and a two year warranty. Replacement parts to the gimbals, lighting and return shipping are extra. Turn around time is typically two weeks from the time that we receive your approval to proceed. Be sure to include a daytime telephone number in the box with the compass so we can contact you as soon as your compass arrives.


5" Danforth Constellation5" Danforth Constellation
Kelvin White 5" Constellation RepairKelvin White 5" Constellation Repair
Danforth 5"Flush Mount Constellation Compass RepairDanforth 5"Flush Mount Constellation Compass Repair
5" Constellation with Brass Binnacle5" Constellation with Brass Binnacle
5" Danforth / White Constellation Aries Compass5" Danforth / White Constellation Aries CompassBulkhead Mounted

5"  Constellation Express Compass5" Constellation Express Compass
5" Binnacle mount Danforth Constellation5" Binnacle mount Danforth Constellation
5" " Double Mounting Boat Compass "Constellation5" " Double Mounting Boat Compass "Constellation
5" Steel Boat Constellation5" Steel Boat Constellation
GETTING YOUR COMPASS REPAIREDGETTING YOUR COMPASS REPAIREDViking Compass Repair Service specializes in marine compass repair. We repair compasses manufactured from the early 1800's to present day marine compasses.

We are an authorized warranty repair station for most compass manufacturers, including but not limited to E.S.Ritchie, Danforth, Rule, C. Plath. We also repair compasses by: Aquameter, Star Compass Co, Marine Compass Co., Dirigo, Wilfrid O. White and Sons, Kelvin White, Wilcox Crittendon, John Bliss, Baker Lyman, Lionel

In January 2010 Viking Instruments purchased the entire inventory of Danforth and Aquameter compass parts as well as the tooling necessary to continue manufacturing replacement compass parts. Viking Instruments is the exclusive manufacture and distributer of Danforth and Aquameter compass parts and service.

If you are interested in getting an estimate to repair your compass. Pack it up carefully and ship it to;

Viking Instruments, Inc.

182 Summer St #158

Kingston MA 02364

Please be sure to include your name, address and phone number with the compass. We will contact you via telephone or email within 2-3 working days from receipt of your compass.

Most current production compasses can be repaired and be ready for return shipment less than two weeks of the date of customer approval.

If you wish to speak to someone in our shop concerning your compass you may call 781-585-2100 Monday- Thursday From 9:30-4:30 E.S.T.