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5" Old Style Wilfrid O. White, Kelvin-White, Danforth Constellation Parts

The Constellation Series compass was originally designed in 1947 by the Kelvin White Company, which became known as the Wilfrid O. White Co..The early versions of this compass have a serial number stamped in the top bezel ring, the first two letters of this number on the 5" compasses began with the letters CB. Danforth bought the company in 1961 and continued manufacturing the compasses to this day. This diagram is of the earliest 5" Constellation which was manufactured in this style until the early 1980's when it was updated into what we call the New style 5" Constellation. The clear dome on the 5" Constellation measures 5-3/16" in diameter at the base. The 5" Constellation uses approximately 45 ounces of compass oil. Click on the diagram to enlarge the schematic. The key number in the diagram is the first number in the order number.


5" Dial Assembly, Old StyleThis dial is no longer available as an assembly although some of the components are still available, Replace with part number 26-A14477A(2 degree) (A14471A 5 Degree)

5" dial assembly, New StyleThis is the newest dial configuration, it comes with a kit to retrofit it to old style Constellations.

Pivot w/ retainer "A"Used in Old Style 5",6",7",8" Constellations

5" Card 3-A9965$35.00Graduations: 
Jewel W/PostThe original style jewel post is a straight post only and is inserted into a threaded bushing, that style is no longer available. It was replaced with this version that is a one piece jewel post with bushing.

5" Magnet and Frame assembly 5-A12685
Retainer-B 6-A9515$10.00
Lubbers Line Pan AssemblySpecial Order

5" Gimbal Ring with Pins 11-A9867$36.00
Retaining Nut 12-A9521
Spacer 13-A1423
Knurled Nut 14-A9922
Screw, Light Retaining (4-40 flat head) 17-A12907$0.36
Old Style 5" Low Level Light AssemblyNO Longer Available as an assembly. New style mounts with 2 screws directly into the top ring. See Low Level lighting page for details

Light Retaining Bracket 20-A12566$25.00
Tie Down Screw (4-40 X 7/16" flat head) 21-A9506$0.36
5" Old Style Constellation DomeThe diameter of the dome measures 5-3/16" at the base. The dome sits on the top lip of the bowl and the oring goes around the outside of the dome.

5" Old Style Oring 23-A12372$18.00
Screw, Light Bracket Retaining (4-40 fillister head) 25-A691$0.36
5" Lubbers Line Pan and Gimbal ring (Balanced) 26-A14470A$64.00
Filler Plug Gasket 27-A9504$4.00
Filler Plug (Brass) 28-A9860$14.00
Diaphram , Expansion (3-7/8" diameter) Used on 5" and 6 " Constellations6" Constellations made prior to approximately 1980 used a larger Diaphram (4.5" in diameter)

Expansion Retaining Screw (6-32 fillister head) 32-A9995$0.36
Expansion Retaining Ring (5" Old Style & 6" New Style)This diaphram retainer is used on the old style 5" Constellations as well as the new style 6" Constellations that have a 3-7/8" diaphram

GETTING YOUR COMPASS REPAIREDGETTING YOUR COMPASS REPAIREDViking Compass Repair Service specializes in marine compass repair. We repair compasses manufactured from the early 1800's to present day marine compasses.

We are an authorized warranty repair station for most compass manufacturers, including but not limited to E.S.Ritchie, Danforth, Rule, C. Plath. We also repair compasses by: Aquameter, Star Compass Co, Marine Compass Co., Dirigo, Wilfrid O. White and Sons, Kelvin White, Kelvin Hughes, Wilcox Crittendon, John Bliss, Cassens and Plath, Baker Lyman, Lionel, Suunto, Plastimo.

In January 2010 Viking Instruments purchased the entire inventory of Danforth and Aquameter compass parts as well as the tooling necessary to continue manufacturing replacement compass parts. Viking Instruments is the exclusive manufacture and distributer of Danforth and Aquameter compass parts and service.

If you are interested in getting an estimate to repair your compass. Pack it up carefully and ship it to;

Viking Instruments, Inc. 41 Summer St Kingston MA 02364

Please be sure to include your name, address and phone number with the compass. We will contact you via telephone or email within 2-3 working days from receipt of your compass.

Most current production compasses can be repaired and be ready for return shipment within one week of the date of customer approval.

If you wish to speak to someone in our shop concerning your compass you may call 781-585-2100 Monday- Thursday From 9:30-5:00 E.S.T..Our retail Store is open Monday - Thursday 12:00-5:00. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday in the winter)

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